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Breathe Deep in Morocco's Rose Valley

Morocco's Rose Valley, nestled in the High Atlas Mountains, is a sensory feast. Vibrant Damask roses paint the landscape pink during spring, their sweet scent filling the air. Imagine strolling through these fragrant fields, a haven of tranquility.

Beyond the roses, adventure awaits. Hike or trek through the dramatic mountains, explore hidden waterfalls, or cycle scenic valleys with breathtaking panoramic views.

El Kelaa M'Gouna, the valley's heart, brims with culture. Bustling souks offer rose-infused treasures - fragrant soaps, refreshing rosewater, and delightful rose-petal treats. Witness the time-honored rose harvest, where delicate petals are hand-picked at dawn for maximum fragrance. Visit a rosewater distillery to see these blossoms transformed into a precious essence.

Each May, the Rose Festival celebrates the harvest. Immerse yourself in the lively spirit, witness the Rose Queen's coronation, and enjoy traditional Berber music and dance. Savor rosewater-infused delicacies, a taste of the valley's unique culture.

Visit the Rose Valley between April and May for the peak bloom. El Kelaa M'Gouna offers charming riads and modern hotels for a comfortable stay. Escape to this fragrant paradise where roses reign supreme.